One Little Word

As we’re wrapping up 2018, many people have been posting on social media about the one little word they’ve chosen to follow in 2019. I remember last year many people chose the word flourish, and this year I’ve seen people yet again choosing motivating words such as determined, brave, and present, amongst many others. I’ve stressed over this more than I probably should have, considering words such as fearless and comfort, but then I happened upon this quote while reading Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson: work the Word for the Word to work.”

IMG_8977That’s when it hit me.

My word of 2019 is word.

Strange, I know, but word encompasses so much of what I would like to focus on in 2019.

I want to dive deeper into studying the Word of God and be able to live out His Truth during both times of joy and struggle.

I want to be more aware of the words I use towards others, cultivating words of kindness and respect.

I want to continue to use words as my creative platform, watching them pour out into my journal and blog.

It really just makes so much sense for my word to be word. It’s an odd choice, but I love it. I’m excited to focus on my word and to see how much I grow and change in 2019.

Word is my word.

Also I would love to know: what did you decide as your one little word of 2019?

My First Half Marathon

As promised, here’s a bit about my previous half marathon!

Quad Cities

I ran my first half marathon with my friend, Theresa, back near the end of fall. Since we trained for it, we were definitely exhausted after completing our run, but the soreness didn’t last too long. We finished in just under two hours, of which we were very happy! This is the half marathon that also sparked my interest in running more half marathons!


Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

On April 7th, I ran in my second half marathon in St. Louis. I was a tough one because unlike my previous half marathon, I failed to train! School got really tough, so in order to maximize my “awake” time for studying, I cut running out of my schedule. BIG MISTAKE. Since I signed up in November, I felt obligated to still run the race. I finished in 2:24:07, which i was please with considering the fact that I didn’t train, but my body didn’t forgive me for a few days! My body was by far the most sore it has ever been! In the end, I learned how important training really is and my body will appreciate it more in the long run.


On a side note, my first half marathon was completed in just under two hours!