Stress Away

36933763_10156257915636285_6222770114203222016_oWhat is it? Stress Away is one of the top emotion oils! Its aroma is very pleasant and calming (as the name suggests! haha).

How do I use it? This is another oil I don’t leave home without. I rub a couple drops on my inner wrists when I need some calming action!

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DiGize Vitality

36884050_10156257915231285_2744381259152097280_oWhat is it? As the name suggests, DiGize supports the digestive system! Combined with Peppermint Vitality it makes an amazing belly cleanser!

How do I use it? I mix a couple drops of DiGize Vitality and Peppermint Vitality when my digestive system needs a boost. I either mix it in a small amount of water or take it in a vegetable capsule.

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