What is it? Friends. Frankincense is amazing. It helps smooth the appearance of skin and has an uplifting aroma.

How do I use it? This is another oil I keep with me! When I’m facing something difficult, I rub a couple drops in my hands, apply it on my neck, and inhale in the goodness.
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Copaiba Vitality

36919080_10156257915356285_1483447984250159104_oWhat is it? Copaiba aids nearly every body system as it promotes overall wellness. It could be good to take daily!

How do I use it? I put a couple drops of Copaiba in a vegetable capsule on days when I’m especially feeling under the weather.

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Lemon Vitality


What is it? Lemon Vitality Oil supports the immune system! It’s a great pick me up and also adds flavor to savory foods.

How do I use it? I add 1-2 drops to my water in the morning for an uplifting morning boost! I keep it with me during the day so I can add it to water throughout my day. It’s also fun to mix lemon with other citrus oils in your water!

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What is it? Okay y’all, this is the swiss army knife of oils. It’s used for relaxing due to its calming and soothing aroma. It also supports healthy skin! Use it to boost your physical and emotional health!

How do I use it? My favorite way to use lavender oil is at nighttime! I keep some mixed with jojoba oil on my nightstand and put it on myself and my husband every night! We sleep well and wake up with glowing skin! I also keep a bottle of lavender mixed with peppermint and lemon with me at all times to breathe in for those seasonal nose issues!

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