Rest Well

Life can be pretty messy sometimes, can’t it?

Okay, okay… who am I kidding? It often seems like it’s messy ALL of the time. But, there are definitely times when it seems messier than others.

This might sound crazy, but I firmly believe that if it feels like we have it all together, then we’re probably doing something wrong.

Pause. SAY WHAT?!

Hear me out. If life feels put together with no mess, then what are we doing? As a follower and lover of Jesus, it’s expected that spiritual warfare will often play a part in life. If we’re doing Kingdom Work for Jesus, then of course Satan is going to try to stop us. You hear me?

So here’s part of my point: if you are a follower of Jesus, and you are actively pursuing His will for your life, then you are going to face spiritual warfare. If you’re like me, you’ll question why in the world this or that is happening to you. You may even kick and scream and throw a few punches at God.

Real talk time. I may or may not have been doing just that a few minutes ago, before I was inspired to write it in a blog post. And by “may or may not,” I mean I was doing just that. I was angry at God for allowing this or that to happen to my life and to the lives of others around me, and trust me, I was letting Him know that I was mad.

Then, He reminded me of this following statement, another part of my point: we were not made for this world. We were made to worship God while we’re here and to do His work in this world, but this is not where our soul rests. Our soul finds rest in our Heavenly Father, our Creator, our Lover.

And now, the final part of my point: while we are here, I think there is power in radical acceptance of what is, but there’s even more power in prayer and remembering these next six words…

It is well with my soul.

Though it may seem this world continuously drags us down, we must remember our Firm Foundation, our Rock, our Protector.

Rest well, dear friends.