Take Flight

Life can get crazy pretty crazy, agree?

Oh goodness. Since my previous post, I have:

-met the man of my dreams
-quit my first full time job
-moved to my own apartment
-returned to school
-began a new job
-married the man of my dreams

In all of these things, I have had to lean on God more than ever before, trust His guidance, and take leaps of faith.

Also, it’s time to take flight. I’m relaunching this blog.

The past few months I have craved the freedom of writing, yet never set aside the time for it. I’ve missed this form of expression, of sharing with the world what I have learned, of helping others through their struggles.

So what is this blog about? It’s about life. It’s about what it looks like to be a married post-bacc premed student who douses herself in oils and periodically eats cookies for breakfast. It’s about being a precious mess trying to meander through this world.

This is my invitation to you to join me on this journey of faith and love. Will you please take my hand and come along?

Much love,