Getting Closer!

Hi everyone!

The 13th marked a month away from the race!

This past Sunday, I played around with doing a long run from my house and figured out something that worked for me: Doing different length loops from my house! But why?

For one, long runs intimidate me because I’m afraid of dying (not literally), hurting myself, or having something go wrong when I’m far from my house. Also, I really don’t like carrying water with me, even on a water bottle belt. Instead of doing one long run from my house, I found three, two, and one mile loops from my house. I did the three mile loop twice and the two mile loop twice. It was only 10 miles total, but it was stress-relieving always being close to home. After each loop, I would get a drink of water and gatorade then head back out. I also restarted my watch each time. It really helped ease my nerves!

I would have liked to run further than 10 miles on Sunday, but my knees and ankle were bothering me, which I believe was due to my shoes having so many miles on them. So, I bought myself a new pair!


I ran about three miles in them today and they feel AMAZING compared to my old ones!

Another exciting thing that happened this week is I finally bought my trailer hitch and bike rack!Image

This will make cross training so much easier!

Speaking of cross training, I’ve been hitting the weights and swimming the past couple of weeks! My upper body has been sore, but I’m exciting to see and feel the results!

And here’s where I beg you for donations…

I’m running the BOA Chicago Marathon for Team CF. Cystic fibrosis is a devastating the disease and researchers are actively looking for a cure, but they need our help! We can all support them through monetary donations. Please consider donating to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Even a small amount can make a big difference.

Please donate at my link:

My goal is $1,300 and I’m at $285! Some of the donations haven’t posted to my page yet.

Please consider donating!

Thanks for reading!

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