Rec-Plex Triathlon

Well, I finally completed my first triathlon! Training for it was definitely different than I am used to since my roots are in cross country and track, but I loved cross training with swimming and biking!

On race day, I was very nervous. I had everything packed up the night before so luckily I did not have to worry about any of my stuff. I found a spot to set up my bike, shoes and such, and I started talking to a man near me. (Side note, it turns out that he has completed several Ironman races!) Anyway, he was very helpful and told me that triathletes are very nice (which turned out to be true!) and I should just enjoy myself.


After getting my number written on my arm and leg, I lined up in my spot for swimming. We all had a set start time, so I had a few minutes to talk to the people around me who gave me some helpful advice. It turns out you can swim in any form you want and you should mainly use your arms while swimming so you can save your legs for the rest of the race! I decided to swim in mid-thigh length Nike spandex and a tight Nike sports bra. My swimming time was a lot better than I expected at 16 minutes and 8 seconds for 500 meters!

I moved on to the transition area to get ready for the biking part of the race. I ate a packet of GU and drank some water while putting on my shoes and a dry-fit shirt. Biking ended up being very peaceful since it was in St. Peters farmland and I was riding at just over a leisurely pace. About 7 miles into the ride I started riding with a lady I met at the beginning of the race. This is where things got crazy. The route took us through standing water over the road, which we all rode through, but at the turn around the lady literally sunk into a ditch and was covered by water since no one could see it was there! Luckily she was alright and was able to laugh it off. We rode back with each other for a few miles and had a lovely conversation. The only time the biking was really difficult was on a HUGE uphill during the last mile. The bike ride was 19 miles and I did it in 1 hour 36 minutes and 51 seconds.

During the transition I once again drank some water and ate GU. When I started the run, all of my leg muscles were numb. I had to keep reminding myself that my roots are in running and it was my part of the race. I owned the running. It felt like I was running at literally a 12 minute mile pace, but it turned out I was a lot faster than I thought! The run was on a trail I often trained on for cross country, so I knew it very well. At the end of the 4.8 mile run, my time was 40 minutes and 13 seconds!

My overall time was 2 hours 33 minutes and 12 seconds. I am very happy with this time and hopefully I can beat it next time I race a triathlon!



I am no on to training for the Chicago Marathon on October 13th! I am racing for Team CF, which means I am collecting donations. If you would like to donate, please donate at the link below. Any amount is greatly appreciated.


I promise I will do a better job at updating my blog during marathon training! Happy reading and happy training to all of you out there!

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