A little about me!

My name is Erica and I am a runner, nanny, and college student! I have had some crazy life changes in the past few years, so I decided to start a blog about more to come!


I started my running career as a freshman in High School and I really enjoyed it! Though I don’t get to run as often because of my class load, I hope to train for more races in the future! In the past year, I have completed two half marathons (I’ll post about these experiences another time), and I plan on training for a triathlon in summer!



In August, I started babysitting a little boy, Paxton. At the time, I though it was going to be a once in a while gig, but turns out watching him has become my part-time job! He’s now two years old! I love watching him and I even go on vacations with the family! There will be more posts about this in the future!



I’m a college student currently at Saint Louis University. Last year I attended St. Charles Community College, and next year I will be at Missouri Baptist University! Even though transferring this much has been crazy, I feel like it will be the best choice. I’ll talk about this decision more in a future post!



Even though I’m currently not the most nutritious eater, I hope to start eating a better diet to benefit my mind, body, and soul! Oh, and I have an extreme sweet tooth!


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