Challenge Accepted

First, I would like to take a moment and remember the tragedy that bestowed Boston yesterday… I can’t even begin to imagine being in that situation.

On to happier news…


I completed my first training day for my triathlon on June 16th! I haven’t officially registered yet because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with the training as finals quickly approach, but I am extremely determined.

Why a tri?

I have never done a triathlon before, but I have worked at the past two spring triathlons at the Rec-Plex, which of course lit a spark and I decided I would eventually try one. I’m not a swimmer (or even a biker!) but I’m up for the challenge! I’m also really looking forward to the summer body that will come along with it!



On Sunday, I decided I was going to run my first marathon in fall, but I looked up the Chicago Marathon and I noticed that registration was already closed unless I registered through a charity. I looked up what would be required of me by running for charity, and I decided to accept the challenge. I decided I’m running for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because my second cousin has this disease. In short, cystic fibrosis is a disease that affects the lungs and digestive systems, and the average lifespan is in the late 30s. You can learn more at:

But what’s required of me?

I must raise $1,300 for CFF by a month after the marathon, but I would personally like to raise it by marathon day. This is where I would appreciate any and all help… Please consider making a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation through me at the following website:

I am really nervous about this marathon since it will be my first, but I am more determined than ever considering what happened yesterday in Boston. Training will start mid-June for the marathon on October 13th!


Half Marathon

Since training for the marathon will require running the distance of a half marathon, I’ll also be running one around August 3rd! Any recommendations of where I should go?



I am thrilled about all of the challenges ahead of me! I have never pushed my body this much and I am extremely excited!

Please keep Boston in your prayers…

My First Half Marathon

As promised, here’s a bit about my previous half marathon!

Quad Cities

I ran my first half marathon with my friend, Theresa, back near the end of fall. Since we trained for it, we were definitely exhausted after completing our run, but the soreness didn’t last too long. We finished in just under two hours, of which we were very happy! This is the half marathon that also sparked my interest in running more half marathons!


Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

On April 7th, I ran in my second half marathon in St. Louis. I was a tough one because unlike my previous half marathon, I failed to train! School got really tough, so in order to maximize my “awake” time for studying, I cut running out of my schedule. BIG MISTAKE. Since I signed up in November, I felt obligated to still run the race. I finished in 2:24:07, which i was please with considering the fact that I didn’t train, but my body didn’t forgive me for a few days! My body was by far the most sore it has ever been! In the end, I learned how important training really is and my body will appreciate it more in the long run.


On a side note, my first half marathon was completed in just under two hours!

A little about me!

My name is Erica and I am a runner, nanny, and college student! I have had some crazy life changes in the past few years, so I decided to start a blog about more to come!


I started my running career as a freshman in High School and I really enjoyed it! Though I don’t get to run as often because of my class load, I hope to train for more races in the future! In the past year, I have completed two half marathons (I’ll post about these experiences another time), and I plan on training for a triathlon in summer!



In August, I started babysitting a little boy, Paxton. At the time, I though it was going to be a once in a while gig, but turns out watching him has become my part-time job! He’s now two years old! I love watching him and I even go on vacations with the family! There will be more posts about this in the future!



I’m a college student currently at Saint Louis University. Last year I attended St. Charles Community College, and next year I will be at Missouri Baptist University! Even though transferring this much has been crazy, I feel like it will be the best choice. I’ll talk about this decision more in a future post!



Even though I’m currently not the most nutritious eater, I hope to start eating a better diet to benefit my mind, body, and soul! Oh, and I have an extreme sweet tooth!